Christian Aebeloe, Gabriela Montoya, Katja Hose
A Decentralized Architecture for Sharing and Querying Semantic Data
In: 16th Extended Semantic Web Conference, to appear
(ESWC 2019)
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Gabriela Montoya, Christian Aebeloe, Katja Hose
Towards Efficient Query Processing over Heterogeneous RDF Interface
In: ISWC2018 workshop on Decentralizing the Semantic Web
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Christian Aebeloe, Vinay Setty, Gabriela Montoya, Katja Hose
Top-K Diversification for Path Queries in Knowledge Graphs
Poster paper in: The 17th International Semantic Web Conference
(ISWC 2018)
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Christian Aebeloe, Gabriela Montoya, Vinay Setty, Katja Hose
Discovering Diversified Paths in Knowledge Bases
Demo paper in: 44th International Conference on Very Large Databases
(VLDB 2018)
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